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The Project Manager must have the skills to manage the creation of the Business Case and, once the project is initiated, manage:


  • the project organization;
  • the quality of products created by the project team against measurable criteria;
  • Plans that facilitate communications and control and clearly identify what products are produced, by whom, when and at what cost;
  • Risks and issues;
  • Changes to baseline requirements and specifications; and
  • Progress against plan.

You have a business problem. You have selected one or more projects but you want to validate your selections and only go forward with those that are confirmed as viable.


During the selection process, a high level business justification was considered but now that needs to be expanded into a Business Case. If the project is confirmed as having outcomes that are measurable and which align with your strategic goals then select, approve and execute but to do the latter, you need to select a project manager.


RGD Associates has the experience to provide project management services, so let us help you achieve successful outcomes. We can not only manage your projects but we can also define an outcome measurement plan for verifying the defined outcomes are being achieved over the prescribed timeframe. If the outcomes are not being achieved as planned, we can assist you by examining root causes and defining remediation actions. RGD Associates subscribes to both the Project Management Institute Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBoK) which is a framework, and Prince2 which is a robust Project Management methodology.